What is NUM/Unite Coal Combine?

The NUM/Unite Coal Combine was inaugurated in January of 2014, at the Carbon Capture & Storage / Coal Combine Seminar. Delegates from the deep mines, surface mines and the coal burning power stations took part in this historic event, uniting not just the two unions but workers from the energy sector.

Seeking to secure Britain’s energy future through the use of indigenous coal mined in Britain and burnt in coal fired power stations through Carbon Capture. Coal Combine adopted a set of principles which are:

1.   To jointly campaign politically and industrially for the mining of British coal, both from deep mined and surface mined coal for the use in power generation, British industrial use and exportation.

2.   To secure Britain’s energy future.

3.   To engage with other trade unions involved in deep mining of coal.

4.   To jointly work with the TUC, employers organisations and Government departments.

5.   To promote the development and use of carbon capture and storage, not just for energy production but also British manufacturing.

The combine seeks to bring together all TUC affiliated Trade Unions who’s members work in the deep mines, surface mines and coal burning power stations.

It will be the intention of Coal Combine to bring together those trade unions in the near future at a meeting to be held at the NUM headquarters in Barnsley, to campaign for the industry and the use of carbon capture technologies.